Deepgram – Get 200 Hours of Free Transcription

With over 200 hours of free transcription, you can get started without having to input any credit card information. And unlike other ASR providers, Deepgram’s data-centric AI uses curated, real-world data to continuously improve accuracy. So the more audio you feed into our AI, the more accurate your results will be. Get started today and see how Deepgram can help you transcribe your audio files with ease.

How Deepgram Works

Deepgram’s ASR technology is powered by data-centric AI that gets smarter the more you use it. That’s because we use curated, real-world data to train and improve our algorithms. And since we’re constantly learning from new data, we’re able to offer our customers the most accurate transcription results possible.

But accuracy isn’t the only thing that sets Deepgram apart from other ASR providers. We also offer a number of features that make transcribing your audio files easier and more efficient. For example, our speaker diarization feature automatically detects and labels different speakers in your recording, so you can easily follow along. We also offer real-time streaming support so you can transcribe live events as they’re happening. And if you have low-quality or hard-to-understand audio, our noise reduction and echo cancellation features can help clean it up so it’s easier to transcribe.


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